Stack Man Disposable Cutlery Set [360 Pack] 100% Compostable Plastic Silverware, Large Premium Heavy-Duty Flatware Utensils Eco Friendly BPi Certified, 7.5 Inch, Natural Wood Color Tableware

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Stack Man® Eco Friendly Living™ Disposable Cutlery

🍴 Premium Combo Cutlery Set - 180 Forks - 120 Spoons - 60 Knives

🍴 Packed in a Convenient Tray

🍴 Wooden Color Flatware

🍴 Extra Long Utensils

🍴 Sturdy with Premium Feel

🍴 High Heat Resistance for Hot Food up to 212 °F!

🍀 Environmental Benefits - Be Part of a Green Planet! 🍀

🍀 100% Compostable, which means they can be returned to the soil to help plants grow.

🍀 Made from renewable plant materials that can be grown again and again

🍀 Compostable products are ASTM compliant and BPI certified compostable in commercial facilities only.

🍀 These Cutlery are Not made from oil like traditional plastics.

🍀 All Natural Organic & Safe - Earth Friendly - Great for the Environment

PLA (Polylactic-Acid) Meaning:

PLA is made from starchy plants like Corn Starch from corn kernels is processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like petroleum-based plastics. PLA performs much like traditional plastics, but with the crucial benefit of being 100% Compostable in commercial compost facilities. Our PLA products give you the option of products made from renewable resources, like corn instead of oil. Corn can be grown again and again, unlike oil which is nonrenewable. Our PLA products have the added benefit of being compostable when you are finished using them. Composting is an opportunity to divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled — and by composting, you create valuable humus which improves soil so that plants can grow again.

Feel good about protecting the environment and providing your party guests with premium 100% compostable cutlery. All-natural non-toxic forks, spoons and knives. Stack Man® provides premium ecofriendly products and peace of mind that you are providing all-natural tableware for your family and friends.

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