Stack Man Disposable Aluminum Dinner Tray with Plastic Dome Lids (Pack of 50) – 3 Compartment Foil Pan – Perfect for On The Go Lunches, Leftovers, TV Plate Or Takeout – Convenient Airline Food Tray

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If you’re the type of person who always makes too much food, never fear.
Your guests will be able to take home an entire meal in this durable foil container!
If you’ve just come home from work and all you want to do is chillax in front of the TV,
then these foil trays with compartments will make eating dinner off your knees or side table simple and mess free.

Spoon whatever food you want into the compartments and eat your meal without having food sliding all the place, as it would on a plate.

These aluminum foil pans are also ideal for takeout restaurants or cafeterias, as they can be closed with a durable cardboard lid.

General Features:
✿ Durable and Sturdy design.
✿ Keeps food separated. Ideal for kids who are picky eaters.
✿ Perfect tray with dividers for takeout restaurants.
✿ Send your guests home with leftovers, perfect leftover tray.
✿ Meal prep foil tray for making food for elderly, sick, or underprivileged people.
✿ Includes durable lids that fit nicely onto the small foil pans.
✿ Freezer safe pans for easy food storage.
✿ Thick recyclable Aluminum.
✿ Value Bulk Pack of 50 Pans & 50 Lids.
✿ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Stack Man Brings you the Solution! NEW: 50-Piece Disposable Aluminum Dinner Tray with Plastic Dome Lids

3 Compartments, 1 lid = The Perfect Food Takeout Box!
Just think of all the delicious foods you can take to work in these durable foil pans.
Pasta with a side of sauce and veggies, chicken with rice and peas.

These are also ideal for too much food after a dinner party. Christmas dinner, thanksgiving or a birthday party
send your guests or family members home with some delicious leftovers.

You can also use these to chillout next to the TV, fill with a meal or just serve yourself some nachos.
Fill the two small compartments with a nice delicious helping of garlic roasted hummus and spicy salsa!

Product Dimensions:
↔ Length 8-11/16 Inch
↗ Width: 6-9/16 Inch
↕ Height: 1-13/16 Inch
⤴ Capacity:23 Fl Oz

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