Toilet Seat Cover Mat With Soft & Comfy/Soft Warm Fleece For Bathroom (2 X Random Color)

$59.99 $51.99

  • Made of high quality acrylic fibers, soft, warm and durable
  • Dimension(LxW):24" x 7"; Stretchable material, fits both round and elongated toilet seat
  • Fits snugly to your toilet seat and won't slide around with the help of end hooks
  • Easy to install, Machine washable and easy to remove for regular washing
  • Warm and comfy: say goodbye to ice cold toilet seats that send shivers down your spine

Prolonged exposure to cold shocks, cold chills may lead to injuries—So, prevent the skin sensation, aches and discomfort. Warm Seat Cover will shield your body from cold related injuries. Ridex got you Covered!
Cover provides warm shelter from your cold toilet seat stainless snap-on buttons to fasten the cover around the toilet seat. Its ideally designed installation and removal method allows you to wash the warm toilet seat cover regularly, allowing you to keep your toilet clean at all times. 
With its ability to stretch in all directions, the cover can be stretched and shaped to toilet seats of various shapes and sizes; be it round, elongated, squared, etc. 
Warm and comfortable toilet seat covers designed for private home use. No more cold plastice shocks in the cold months. Women, children and seniors love them. Easy to clean and easy to put on. Bright, colorful, enjoyable, convenient, simple and practical. Once you get used to them, you can not live without them.