9 X 13 Half Size Deep Foil Steam Pans with Lids 10 Pack

$16.99 $14.49

Conserve your food's hot temperature and promise spill-free transportation with this 1/2 size foil steam table pan lid. Perfectly sized to fit your half-size steam table pan, this lid provides a tight seal for your sides, appetizers, desserts, and more! All you need to do is press the foil around the pan's rim.

Step up your superior service, and present a variety of foods in this 1/2 size foil steam table pan! Great for any banquet of catered event, this pan offers durability and features a full curl rim. The 1/2 size foil steam table pan is freezer safe and oven safe, meaning that you can prepare and store your dishes in the freezer, cook, and serve all in the same pan. It can hold up to 120 oz. of your signature sides, appetizers, or main dishes, and once your meal service is finished, you can simply dispose of the pan for fast and easy clean up.

Made of aluminum foil, this durable lid enables you to stack several pans of salad or a few of thick mashed potatoes. This allows you to compactly store and transport food pans for your catered event or banquet. Plus, the disposable design is ideal for quick cleanup at your event's conclusion. Until you're ready to unveil your scrumptious food, provide a polished appearance on your buffet line with this lid!

Overall Pan Dimensions:                 Overall Lid Dimensions
Length: 12 3/4"                                   Length: 13 5/8"
Width: 10 3/8"                                     Width: 11"
Depth: 2 9/16"                                     Height: 1/2"
Capacity: 120 fl. oz.

UPC: 651046477228