Solo UltraClear TP16D 16 oz. Clear PET Plastic Squat Cold Cup – 1000/Case

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  • Great for Iced Coffee, Smoothies, Bubble/Boba Tea, Milkshakes & Frozen Cocktails
  • Don’t absorb liquid and resist cracking
  • Made from high-quality PET plastic, crystal clear, BPA free
  • The TP16D cup can be used with the following lids, sold separately: 626TS,  626TP, DNR626, DLR626, DLW626, PF35C1, PF35C2, 626NSL


Solo’s UltraClear 16 oz. clear PET plastic squat cold cup is perfect for serving refreshing drinks and cocktails at your bar or catered event. You can also use this cup to serve fruit salads, desserts, or appetizers. This product is compatible with a standard lid size, which makes it easy to serve guests drinks on the go. Regardless of the type of business you own, Solo’s plastic squat cold cup is an economical choice that provides excellent functionality, durability, and quality.

Versatile Height

The short height of this 16 oz. the plastic squat cup makes it ideal for holding a wide variety of food and drink. It will also fit comfortably in guests’ hands.


Exceptional Clarity

The clarity of this disposable plastic cup presents an upscale appearance while also providing product visibility, which will boost impulse sales.

Virtually Unbreakable

Constructed of virtually indestructible PET plastic, this cup is crack resistant and will not break in guests’ hands. PET is a recyclable material designed to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Additional information

Weight 36.5 lbs
Dimensions 19.9 × 17.1 × 16.1 in







16 Ounce




PET Plastic


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