DART Reclosable Hot Beverage Cup Lid, White, 16 oz. (1000/Case)

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  • Plastic lid seals to foam cup to help prevent leaking
  • Made with white polystyrene foam
  • The reclosable tab provides a leak-resistant seal with no open drink hole when closed
  • Locking post with side latches secures tab in the open position

The Dart 16RCL white Optima reclosable lid seals to foam cups and containers to help prevent leaking and is made with white polystyrene foam. When the reclosable tab is closed it provides a leak-resistant seal, leaving no open drink hole. When the tab is open, it secures a locking post with side latches. The lid is printed with the words “CAUTION HOT” to alert drinkers to the temperature, and the drinking spout is contoured for comfort.

Avoid spills by topping hot drinks with the Optima® Reclosable Lid! Use foam cups and know beverages are safe and secure. The closed tab protects drinks until your customer is ready to take their first sip. The tab can be lifted and locked out of the way while drinking and then securely reclosed to keep drinks warm and splash-proof between sips. There’s plenty of room for whipped cream and foam topping on specialty drinks. Optima is a sanitary and sophisticated solution for beverages on the move anywhere— coffee shops, food trucks, offices, or cafeterias. A variety of compatible cups are sold separately. Made of recyclable PS; check locally, may not be recycled in your area.

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Weight 10.6 lbs
Dimensions 19.8 × 15.1 × 8.1 in











12 – 24 oz.


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