Dart PL100N Portion/Souffle Cup Lids. Fits .5-1oz Cups, Clear, 2500/Carton


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Conex complements portion containers, and lids provide the perfect portion for any purpose. Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, they’re ideal for the many diverse dining and carryout applications in today’s foodservice market. For dining, Conex Complements can serve anything from small side dishes to salad dressing and whipped butter. For carryout, when coupled with a secure fitting clear lid, they safely transport side sauces such as ranch dressing, marinara, salsa, and more. Advantage: polypropylene increases product visibility. Secure lid fit. Allows stable stacking of containers. Provides a reference for filling. Ensures secure lid seal. Covers all market needs—groups containers together by lid size.
increases application options. Enhances merchandising. It adds strength to the container and helps avoid leaks. Reduces the chance of spills and reduces waste. Reduces overfilling. Increases user confidence. Maximizes flexibility and reduces lid inventories. Increases operational efficiency through easy identification of containers and lids.

The PL100N lid can be used with the following portion cups, sold separately: T125-0090, P101M, P075SN, P100N, 050PC, 075PC, 100PC, P125N, 125PCG, and P100BLK.

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Weight 4.29 lbs
Dimensions 10.13 × 8.25 × 19.63 in


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